Before You Start

Mandatory WHMIS Training:

Some of you may not start work at UTIAS without attending the University’s WHMIS Training Session. This seminar is offered each year during the Fall. Attendance is mandatory if you will be working with chemicals,gasses,adhesives etc.

Working Alone:

You should not work alone at any time. After normal business hours (8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. or to 4:30 p.m. during July and August) you are advised to work with a “buddy”. A “buddy” can be a colleague in your research group or someone in the same area of the building where you intend to work. Make sure you and your buddy check with each other at regular intervals.

Protective Equipment:

Safety glasses must be worn in the lab when working with chemicals. These are available to you through your Supervisor.

Contact lenses do not protect the eye and may increase the severity of accidents involving chemicals splashed in the face. Therefore, if you wear contacts, you must still use your safety glasses!

Proper gloves should be worn when required, consult MSDS.

Personal Safety:

Do not let unfamiliar people into the building after hours. If they have legitimate business in the building, they will have a key to let themselves in, just like you.

If you see a suspicious person in the building at any time, report it immediately to your supervisor or the building manager.

Always lock up your valuables.

Liquid Nitrogen:

All users of cryogenics (liquid nitrogen, Argon, Helium) should be aware of the potential for asphyxiation, burns and condensation of O2. Whenever dispensing liquid nitrogen, adequate ventilation must be available.

For more information on cryogenics see EH&S Home Page.