In Case of Accident


Make sure you know what type of fire you have, what type of extinguisher you need to put it out and where that extinguisher is located. Standard practice is to have the extinguisher in the vicinity in case something does happen.

If the fire cannot be completely extinguished with one extinguisher, leave the area, use a pull station to call the Toronto Fire Department. Notify Univ. of Toronto Emergency Control at 9-978-2222. (After the emergency is over, remember to have any discharged fire extinguishers re-charged)

If possible, wait in the vicinity of the main entrance,to advise attending emergency personnel.


If the fire alarm is activated, quickly leave the building with your personal things such as house/car key, wallet,etc.


Leave the building quickly, making sure you have your personal house/car keys and wallet with you. If possible, shut off any equipment which may be damaged or may cause damage if it comes on automatically with power restoration (beware of power surge).

As fume hoods cease to function during a power outage, no one will be allowed back into that area until it has been adequately ventilated,if required,after power restoration.


Call 9-911 and provide sufficient information to locate the victim and for emergency personnel to anticipate treatment. If possible arrange for attending emergency personnel to be met in the vicinity of the front office. Do not leave the victim. If a chemical is involved, have the MSDS available for emergency personnel.

If the injury is not severe enough to call 911 but you wish to take the victim to a hospital for some treatment, the closest hospital with an emergency room is:

Branson Hospital

555 Finch Ave W.

Emergency Room Hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm.


Keep common chemicals for manageable spills (vermiculite for solvents, sodium bicarbonate for acids) in your lab.

Minor Spill

Stop and think. Decide if you can safely handle the spill (from MSDS). If you can handle it safely and choose to clean it up make sure that all materials used in the clean-up are disposed of as hazardous waste (as per WHIMIS regulation).

Major Spill

To be done calmly in rapid succession.

Immediately evacuate the area.

Call Chemical Waste Management at 9-978-7000. After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends call 9-978-2222.

State your name, location, chemical and amount spilled (be precise).

Report to Safety Officer (667-7723), Administrative Manager (667-7717) or Chair (677-7868).

Meet emergency personnel by front entrance to advise


Report the accident to the Safety Officer. Fill out the appropriate paperwork. NB: In the case of personal injury, a report must be filed by the University with the Workers’ Compensation Board within 48 hours. Fines are levied for lack of compliance.