Joint Health & Safety Committee

Dr. P.R. Grant (Managerial Co-chair, certified) Rm. 116 667-7726

Jeff Cook (Worker Co-chair, * USWA) Rm. 140 667-7724

Peter Miras (Worker Rep., * CUPE, certified) Rm. 140 667-7723

Chris Coggon (Non-Union/Non-Managerial Workers Rep.)  667-7739

Sandipan Chatterjee (UTIAS Teaching Assts. Rep., * CUPE, ASA)

In addition to the obligations of a joint occupational health and safety committee as specified in the Act, the Committee provides a confidential forum for staff and students to discuss health and safety concerns. The Committee meets four times a year and copies of minutes are kept on file with the co-chairs.

The workplace is inspected four times a year and if safety violations are found, a notice is forwarded to the responsible researcher. Violations must be corrected within a two-week period. The Committee also investigates and reports on all accidents in the Department.