Courses, Course Descriptions and Timetables

Course Timetable

Fall Term: View the Fall Term Timetable 2021-22 PDF

Winter Term: View the Winter Term Timetable 2021-22 PDF

Course Enrolment

Course enrolment opens on ACORN on Friday, August 13th at 6 am EST.

Enrolment for UTIAS courses will begin on Friday, August 13th at 6 am EST. You will also be able to enrol in other engineering graduate courses at this time as well.

Course Delivery

For the 2021-22 academic year, courses will be delivered through one of the following methods. The course instructor will provide the specific expectations of the course. The possible course delivery methods are:

  • Online, synchronous (SYNC): An online course with scheduled meeting times (posted in ACORN) when a student may be expected to participate in activities. Lectures classified as synchronous will be recorded for 2020 Fall Term for students who are not available at the scheduled time. The course may have optional in-person meetings.
  • Online, asynchronous (ASYNC): A course delivered online that does not have scheduled meeting times in ACORN. Students are expected to keep up with course work throughout the term.
  • In-person (INPER):  A course that will be delivered in-person and has scheduled meeting times posted in ACORN. Students are expected to attend all meeting sections for in-person courses.

Please note: Synchronous online engineering lectures will be recorded. The recordings will available to students signed up in the synchronous lecture section that was recorded. Students will be able to review recorded lectures at a time that works best for them during the day.

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