UTIAS Research Featured On the Cover of the Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Turbulence is present in most flows of economic and social interest, yet it stands as the last unsolved problem in classical physics. Turbulent flows are characterized by swirling motions of different sizes, known as eddies, covering a wide range of scales. Some of the core principles of turbulence theory, relating to the interaction between these… Read more »

Professor Emeritus Bernard Etkin Recipient of the Prestigious AIAA Aerospace Guidance, Navigation, and Control Award

The Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Control Award was established to recognize individuals that have made important and substantial contributions in the field of guidance, navigation and control.  This award is a lifetime achievement award which is presented biennially.  Professor Etkin received this prestigious award “for outstanding achievement in and dedication to research and education in… Read more »

The Economist: Speed is the new stealth

Hypersonic missiles: Building vehicles that fly at five times the speed of sound is amazingly hard, but researchers are trying.  Professor Clinton Groth was interviewed extensively for the story in The Economist.

Mission Possible: What Natalie Panek’s space odyssey means for young women

Natalie Panek’s 2012 TEDxYouth@Toronto talk was quick to home in on women whose names we know – reality show stars and lingerie models. While the audience was familiar with Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian, they were lost when she mentioned high-achievers like Melissa Pemberton and Marissa Mayer. For women in fields like aerospace engineering and… Read more »

UTIAS Student Team Test Fires Rocket Engine

On August 13, 2013 undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Toronto Aeronautics Team Rocketry Division (UTAT Rocketry) performed a static test fire of their hybrid rocket engine.  Watch the test… Named the Bia engine and fueled by a mixture of wax and aluminum, this student-built engine is capable of delivering a 10lb payload… Read more »

UTIAS hosts National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation

On May 15-16 2013, UTIAS hosted the first National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation. The Colloquium was organised by the Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation (CRSA), a UTIAS initiative that aims to link academics in a range of fields with industrial end users to catalyse research activity that will lead to greener flight.

U of T’s robots crawl, swim and fly across the MarsDome

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council held its Canadian Field Robotics Network (NCFRN) field trials at U of T and York April 17–23. The event featured talks and presentations, workshops, networking events and opportunities for collaborative fieldwork and demonstrations.

UTIAS instrumental in Downsview Aerospace Cluster

UTIAS Director Prof David Zingg has been closely involved in the planning and development of the Downsview Aerospace Cluster, envisaged to play a leading role in the redevelopment of Downsview Park. A public-private partnership to facilitate the creation of such a cluster, which will place UTIAS and several major aerospace manufacturers, including Bombardier, in close… Read more »