Drone-delivered AEDs offer novel approach to saving lives at home

When a person goes into cardiac arrest, every passing minute hurts their chances of survival. Now, a group of U of T Engineering researchers want to use drones to deliver life-saving automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) rapidly and directly to homes. Justin Boutilier (IndE PhD candidate) envisions a future in which a bystander or family member… Read more »

Professor Philippe Lavoie joins forces with the University of Southampton to create greener Tunnel Vision

An iconic wind tunnel once used to develop the Spitfire is now aiding 21st century efforts to help aircraft fly and ships sail more fuel-efficiently. Located at the University of Southampton, the R.J. Mitchell Wind Tunnel is being harnessed by Professor Bharath Ganapathisubramani’s team on an EPSRC and Airbus-backed project to deliver fresh insights into… Read more »

UTIAS PhD student founded Trek for Teens to help homeless youth

In 2007, an enterprising Toronto high school student named Michael Bazzocchi (EngSci 0T3, UTIAS PhD candidate) founded the Trek for Teens Foundation to tackle homelessness amongst people aged 16 to 24. The foundation has since raised more than $60,000 in donations for local shelters, such as Covenant House. Full story…

Research2Reality Interview with Professor Angela Schoellig

Smart Robots Adapt to the Real World Robotics and automation are already a cornerstone of commercial manufacturing. Predictable environments and repetitive actions make it relatively simple for programmers to teach robots how to behave and perform tasks safely. In the real world, however, robots will need to be adaptive. Angela Schoellig, assistant professor at the… Read more »

Aviation Week article highlights research being done by Prof. David Zingg and Ph.D. student Thomas Reist

Finding Ultra-Efficient Designs For Smaller Airliners Canadians study lifting fuselage for future regional aircraft Aug 22, 2016 Graham Warwick | Aviation Week & Space Technology Designers looking for fuel savings and emissions reductions beyond those possible with today’s conventional tube-and-wing configurations face additional challenges when the aircraft are smaller, such as regional and business jets…. Read more »

TReX Robot Adventures from Prof. Tim Barfoot’s Group

This video shows some highlights from a field test Prof. Tim Barfoot’s group conducted in June 2016 at an old sand and gravel pit in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Tethered Robot eXplorer (TReX) was designed to operate on steep and rough terrain by using a tether that carries part of its load, provides power, and transmits… Read more »