Professor Tim Barfoot’s research lets mobile robots drive themselves

This week, Google, Ford and Uber united behind a push to speed up the implementation of self-driving cars. But in Professor Tim Barfoot’s lab at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), mobile robots have been driving themselves for years.

A look into the Canadian aerospace innovation ecosystem

Innovation clusters and hubs often grow around specific industries. In The Next Silicon Valley, we frequently explore what makes particular locations strong in specific industry sectors. In this article we take a look at the innovation ecosystem in Canada’s aerospace sector, since this is one of the most important contributors to its economy, delivering CAD$29… Read more »

Here Come the Robots with Prof. Angela Schoellig

About this Video When ‘The Jetsons’ premiered in 1962, it showed the world a future of robots cleaning homes. While robots are not quite there yet, they are taking over jobs in all kinds of industries. Angela Schoellig, head of the University of Toronto’s Dynamic Systems Lab, joins The Agenda to explain where robots are… Read more »

Professor Adam Steinberg receives the Inaugural Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award

Professor Adam Steinberg (UTIAS) is the first recipient of the Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award. Presented jointly by the Combustion Institute and academic publishing company Elsevier, the award recognizes excellence in fundamental or applied combustion science research. “It’s a very big honour,” said Steinberg. “It’s a great encouragement to keep working on interesting problems,… Read more »

Five innovations out of U of T Engineering making the future greener

Today the University of Toronto unveiled its plan for taking action on climate change in a bold report, Beyond Divestment: Taking Decisive Action on Climate Change. “The University’s most valuable and effective contributions to the global effort to avert and mitigate the consequences of climate change will flow from our fundamental role as an institution… Read more »

Lightweight structures and “smart skin” make aviation more sustainable

More than 100,000 commercial flights take place each day around the world. The Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation at U of T’s Institute for Aerospace Studies aims to improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions, saving money and reducing environmental impact.

The past, present and future of flight: Q & A with Professor David Zingg

his story is the first of a three-part series on the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies, produced over the winter and spring of 2016. From the rise of drones to the push for greener planes, the world of aeronautics and space has changed dramatically in the past decade, and Professor David Zingg has… Read more »