UTIAS is Part of Canadian Consortium of Researchers Awarded a $5.5 M NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant in Robotics

Professors Steven Waslander and Angela Schoellig are representing UTIAS in the NSERC Canadian Robotics Network (NCRN), a consortium of leading robotics researchers from across Canada that includes members from universities, industry, and government.

In a quick Q & A, Professors Waslander and Schoellig outline what they hope to achieve as part of this consortium.

Q: What does the NCRN hope to accomplish with the NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant in Robotics?

Waslander: The NCRN hopes to strengthen the growing robotics and AI communities in Canada through a wide range of collaborative research activities, including annual demonstrations and conferences, student exchanges between top Canadian labs and multi-university collaborative research programs.

Schoellig: The NCRN brings together a fantastic, interdisciplinary team of researchers and industry partners from across Canada to develop the next generation of robots that can interact with complex and changing environments and collaborate with humans in a reliable and predictable manner. We have particularly focused on problems that are important for Canada, such as robots for the natural resources sector and robots that work in Canadian weather all year around.

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