Master of Applied Science

The Institute for Aerospace Studies may accept candidates for the degree of M.A.Sc. under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

Candidates for the M.A.Sc. shall have completed a 4-year undergraduate program in engineering, mathematics, physics or chemistry. Individual programs will be arranged to make up any background deficiency.

A program of study will consist of a minimum of five courses, one of which must be the “Research Seminar in Aerospace Science and Engineering” (AER 1800H), and a thesis based on research or development selected in consultation with the student’s supervisor. All of the required courses must be completed during the first year of the program.
It is anticipated that M.A.Sc. students will complete their degree requirements in 18 months.
Research performance of M.A.Sc. students is assessed by a Research Assessment Committee (RAC) which includes the student’s supervisor.

Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree who wish to pursue Ph.D. studies at UTIAS will initially be admitted into the M.A.Sc. program and will be considered for direct transfer into the Ph.D. program.

Students with excellent performance in an M.A.Sc. program at UTIAS may be allowed to transfer directly into a Ph.D. program, under the same supervisor, at the end of their first year of graduate study.