Master of Engineering

The Institute for Aerospace Studies may accept candidates for the M.Eng. degree under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

Candidates for the M.Eng. degree shall hold the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science of this University or an equivalent degree from a 4-year engineering undergraduate program.

Under the guidance of the graduate coordinator or a staff supervisor, a candidate selects a program of study that consists of at least 10 courses. Individual programs will be arranged to make up for background deficiency. The program may be pursued on a full-time (one year over three terms), extended full-time (two years, up to six courses per year over three terms) or part-time (three years and maximum six years, up to four courses per year over three terms) basis.

Domestic Master of Engineering students (Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents)starting in September 2016, in either the full-time option or extended full-time option, will be awarded a $3,000 admission award.