National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation

The National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation features experts from across Canada converging at the UTIAS Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation (CRSA) to discuss the future of environmentally friendly aircraft.

Since developing environmentally sustainable airplanes requires a very wide spectrum of expertise, a broad array of academics and industrial practitioners is invited to speak on their subjects of specialisation. It is important to note that many experts work on fields related to sustainable aviation, though it may not be their primary focus. For example, many engineers work in the area of composite materials. While they may not view themselves as working on sustainable aviation, their expertise is necessary for making airplanes lighter: this is essential for improving the environmental performance of aircraft.

The diversity of expertise relevant to sustainable aviation exhibited at the colloquium complements the in-depth and themed focus of the annual Summer School on Sustainable Aviation, which will be held June 14 – 15, 2017. On even numbered years, the National Colloquium has an international equivalent, the International Workshop on Aviation and Climate Change.

The previous Colloquia were highly successful, attracting members of the academic, industry, and government sectors from across Canada.

2013 National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation
2015 National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation

2017 National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation

Date: June 21 – 23, 2017

Speaker Affilliation Title
Wednesday June 21
Gilles Bourgeois Transport Canada Environmental Considerations: Here to Stay
Andrew Waterston Pratt & Whitney Canada Aircraft Engine Sustainability
Jeff Defoe University of Windsor Fan and Compressor Performance Scaling
Bradley Saville University of Toronto Pathways to Aviation Biofuels
Suong Hoa Concordia University Automated Composites Manufacturing
Miguel Garcia Claro Bombardier Aerospace The CS100 Environmental Product Declaration
Edith-Roland Fotsing Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Noise and Vibration Control in Aerospace Composite Structures
Joseph Lan Safran Landing Systems Lighter, Quieter, More Electric: Landing Gear for Sustainable Aviation
Casey Keulen University of British Columbia Harnessing Manufacturing Science for Aerospace Composites
Duc Vo Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Research in Internal and External Aerodynamics
Thursday June 22
Mike Benner National Research Council Canada Hybrid-Electric Aviation
Damiano Pasini McGill University Mechanics of 3D Printed Lightweight Lattices
Olivier Robin Universite de Sherbrooke Bridging Vibroacoustics and Sustainable Aviation
Anthony Brown National Research Council Canada Contrail and Emissions Flight Research
Phil Garbutt Solarship Solarship – Sustainable Operations in Africa
Mark Huising Bombardier Aerospace The Goal of Quiet Flight for Sustainable Aviation
Graham Potter Bombardier Aerospace Conceptual Design of a Strut-Braced Aircraft Wing
Ruoyn Yan University of Toronto Enzyme Tools for Bioproduct Development
Joana Rocha Carleton University Sustainable Development and Aircraft Noise
Friday June 23
Il Yong Kim Queen’s University
Stephane Moreau Universite de Sherbrooke Turboengine Noise Prediction: Present and Future
Pervez Canteenwalla National Research Council Canada Transition to Unleaded Fuels for General Aviation
Adam Steinberg UTIAS Thermoacoustic Instabilities in Low-Emission Combustors