Aerodynamic testing in the wind tunnel with Prof. Lavoie and his student. Explore Prof. Lavoie’s Flow Control & Experimental Turbulence Lab.


In Prof. Alis Ekmekci’s lab with her students.


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UTIAS Grads Make Aviation History for the Second Time

UTIAS grads Dr. Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson led a team of U of T engineering grads and students and made history when they won the prestigious Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Challenge.  Read the full story…


“UTIAS is a world class aerospace department … without doubt the top aerospace department in Canada.”   UTIAS External Review

The academic program in aerospace science and engineering at the University of Toronto includes undergraduate and graduate studies. Our undergraduate program is offered through the Engineering Science Program. At the graduate level we offer research-intensive programs leading to MASc and PhD degrees, and a professionally-oriented program leading to the MEng degree. The scope of our research includes aeronautical engineering (aircraft flight systems, propulsion, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics) and space systems engineering (spacecraft dynamics and control, space robotics and mechatronics, and microsatellite technology).

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Latest UTIAS News

Professor Craig Steeves comments for National Geographic on the Historic Solar Impulse flight

The Solar Impulse 2 concluded its journey Monday, becoming the first aircraft to circumnavigate the globe without a drop of liquid fuel. And while we won’t be boarding sun-powered commuter flights anytime soon, the solar plane’s feat does point toward the future of energy.  Full story…

Professor Chris Damaren on Innovation Nation: Why History Matters in Innovation

Professor Chris Damaren talks with Stephen Armstrong on Innovation Nation about how history helps to put a human face on engineering.  Listen now…

UTIAS Director Chris Damaren on the next five years at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

On July 1, 2016, Professor Chris Damaren begins his appointment as director of the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS). A three-time graduate of U of T Engineering and past vice dean, graduate studies for the Faculty, Damaren sat down with Engineering Strategic Communications to share a few of his top priorities for […]

David Zingg named U of T Distinguished Professor of Computational Aerodynamics and Sustainable Aviation

Professor David Zingg (UTIAS) has been named the University of Toronto Distinguished Professor of Computational Aerodynamics and Sustainable Aviation. The Distinguished Professor Award recognizes individuals with highly distinguished accomplishments and those who display exceptional promise. Zingg will hold the professorship for a five-year term starting September 1, 2016. He is one of eight Distinguished Professors […]

Prof. David Zingg recipient of the 2016 JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award

Two awards are offered annually: one in the Humanities and Social Sciences and one in the Physical and Life Sciences. Chun Wei Choo (Information) and David Zingg (Aerospace) are the recipients of the 2016 JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award, which recognizes outstanding performance in the multiple roles associated with doctoral (PhD, EdD, DMA, SJD) […]