Research & Centres

Research and education form the highly-coupled core of life at UTIAS. With our 18 faculty and over 150 graduate students, we are engaged in research projects ranging from launching micro-satellites, to jet engines, to composite materials, to applied mathematics. Many of our research projects are multidisciplinary, crossing boundaries between core aerospace disciplines, individual research labs, institutions, and even countries. We are engaged with all major Canadian aerospace companies and government bodies, as well as many international organizations... and we are growing!  Over the past five years UTIAS has added seven new faculty members!

Much of the research in the department centres around two core themes:

  1. Aviation and the Environment
  2. Space exploration

We have recently established a new Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation (CRSA), which is supported by an NSERC CREATE award and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.  The CRSA will be the focal point for environmentally-focused research in the department.

2012 also saw the opening of the new Microsatellite Science and Technology Centre (MSTC), a multi-million dollar facility funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund. The MSTC, along with our greatly increased activities in space robotics, will push the forefront of research in space exploration.

Below you will find links to our various research laboratories, which are loosely categorized into core aerospace engineering disciplines. Links also are provided to major research centres at UTIAS and multi-institutional networks in which we participate.

UTIAS Research Laboratories

Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, and Propulsion Laboratories

Aircraft Flight Laboratories

Structures, Design, and Optimization Laboratories

Space Systems Engineering Laboratories

Engineering Physics Laboratories

UTIAS Research Centres and Collaborative Networks