Centre for Computational Science and Engineering

About CCSE


With continuous advances in computing hardware and software, computational science and engineering continues to increase in importance within the physical sciences, both in research and in practice. The purpose of the CCSE is to increase collaboration in high-quality research at the University of Toronto in fields such as as computational fluid dynamics, computational electromagnetics, computational materials engineering, uncertainty quantification, optimization, machine learning, and many others. There is a great deal of research going on within the various faculties at the university that would benefit from increased coordination and visibility, which can help facilitate the advancement of novel research in computational fields within the university as well as attract collaboration and potential students/professors from elsewhere.


Outreach initiatives by the CCSE occur mainly in the form of various events. These events include speakers both from the University of Toronto and invited speakers from other universities. These speakers provide opportunities for researchers in a similar field to learn and collaborate, while researchers in other fields are exposed to new activities. CCSE aims to have at least one seminar every couple of months, with a hope to increase the frequency of seminars in the future as the centre grows.

Additionally, CCSE hopes to begin organizing more formal workshops in the near future. These workshops will be intended to provide a learning resource for both new and experienced researchers. Some potential topics include popular mathematical modelling techniques in Finite Element Methods (FEM), open source software for scientific computing and many others. Information on past and upcoming events can be found on the events page.

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