UTIAS Seminar Series



Renaissance of Phase

Lecture Hall, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

Abstract: The phase or argument of a complex number is an important concept known to most of the university students in STEM. We will begin the talk by asking the following question: • What are the phases of a complex matrix? A novel answer to this question will then be followed by further questions: • What […]

Registration-based model reduction of parameterized PDEs with spatio-parameter adaptivity

Abstract: We present a nonlinear registration-based model reduction procedure for rapid and reliable solution of parameterized two-dimensional steady conservation laws. This class of problems is challenging for model reduction techniques due to the presence of nonlinear terms in the equations and also due to the presence of parameter-dependent sharp gradient regions that cannot be adequately represented […]

Sound sources in premixed flames

Lecture Hall, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

Abstract: Lean premixed combustion is the desired combustion regime in industrial gas turbines. It results in a low level of NOX emissions due to operating at lower temperatures and facilitates better combustion efficiency. However, the main issue with operating gas turbines in this regime is thermoacoustic instability, commonly initiated by combustion-generated sound. This issue is […]

Physics-driven control of complex fluid flows

Lecture Hall, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

Abstract: The ability to control fluid flow behaviors can lead to quiet, economical, and efficient systems in fluid mechanics and aerodynamics. Because of high dimensionality, strong nonlinearity, and complexity in fluid physics, the design of effective control strategies can be challenging. My research focuses on uncovering the underlying physics of complex fluid flows using the […]

Opportunities and Perspectives from the Aerospace Industry

Bio: Nimeesha Kuntawala is a Product Development Team Lead in the Flight Sciences directorate at Gulfstream Aerospace. She has been at Gulfstream for 7 years. She started at Gulfstream as a Technical Specialist in Aircraft Performance in 2016, helping to flight test and certify the G500 and G600. In 2019, she became the Group Head […]

A Variational Theory of Aero-hydrodynamics

A Variational Theory of Aero-hydrodynamics The Euler equation does not possess a unique solution for the flow over a two-dimensional object. This problem has serious repercussions in aerodynamics; it implies that the inviscid aero-hydrodynamic lift force over a two-dimensional object cannot be determined from first principles; a closure condition must be provided. The Kutta condition […]

Frontiers of RPAS technology and regulation: from principles to practice

Lecture Hall, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

Abstract In this joint seminar, engineers from Transport Canada and Ribbit will discuss the latest Canadian regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS, i.e. drones), and how they apply to the development and testing of novel drone concepts. Transport Canada will lead the first half of the seminar, laying a rigorous foundation in the philosophy […]