Prof. David Zingg recipient of the 2016 JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award

Two awards are offered annually: one in the Humanities and Social Sciences and one in the Physical and Life Sciences. Chun Wei Choo (Information) and David Zingg (Aerospace) are the recipients of the 2016 JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award, which recognizes outstanding performance in the multiple roles associated with doctoral (PhD, EdD, DMA, SJD) supervision.​

The annual JJ Berry Smith Supervision Award honours active faculty members who, over a minimum of a 15-year period, have demonstrated excellence in supervision at the University of Toronto by:

– inspiring and guiding students to reach excellence in scholarship;

– providing an environment that is supportive and stimulating;

– enabling students to learn the essential methodologies, concepts and cultures of their discipline;

– introducing students to the wider content of the discipline and relevant communities of scholars;

– positioning students for future careers both within and outside academe;

– fostering a strong sense of academic integrity.​​ Full story…