Emeritus James DeLaurier inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame

Professor Emeritus James DeLaurier from UTIAS was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF). DeLaurier has been a leader of development for aeronautics and aviation in Canada for more than four decades. After earning a PhD in Aeronautics and… Read more »

Improved visual perception method could help robots navigate crowded spaces

A team of researchers led by Professor Jonathan Kelly (UTIAS) has found a way to enhance the visual perception of robotic systems by coupling two different types of neural networks. The innovation could help autonomous vehicles navigate busy streets or enable medical… Read more »

Autonomous robotics research earns Professor Angela Schoellig an Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship

Professor Angela Schoellig (UTIAS) has earned an Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). The award will further accelerate Schoellig’s leading-edge research into autonomous robotics for a variety of applications, from environmental monitoring to visual inspection of construction… Read more »

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Ö.L. Gülder

Combustion and Propulsion Laboratory

Research Focus
• Improving the understanding of the combustion process to convert chemical energy to thermal energy or propulsive force
• Paving the way for more efficient and environmentally friendly combustion of both traditional and alternative fuels

Current Projects
• Soot aerosol formation in high pressure combustion
• Low-emission combustor technologies for high-efficiency compact aviation gas turbine engines
• Thermal oxidative and pyrolytic stability of aviation jet fuels
• Turbulent premixed flame dynamics
• Soot formation in turbulent non-premixed combustion

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