UTAT division launches first satellite into space

On November 11, 2023, U of T Engineering students gathered in the basement of the Sandford Fleming Building — known to many as The Pit — to witness the deployment of HERON Mk. II into space.   The 3U CubeSat satellite, […]

Researchers partner with Siemens Energy to tackle sustainable energy production

U of T Engineering researchers have partnered with Siemens Energy to tackle a key challenge in the energy sector: sustainable energy conversion for propulsion and power generation – such as developing gas turbine engines that can run on sustainable energy […]

Reducing aviation’s CO2 emissions challenging but not impossible

For aviation, the path to reduced climate change impact and eventually net-zero carbon dioxide emissions is clear. We must replace fossil fuels with net-zero energy sources, and improve aircraft energy efficiency. The latter is essential given that future energy sources […]

Faculty Spotlight

Professor A. Ekmekci

Experimental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Research Focus
• Flow-induced noise and vibration, aeroacoustics, flow control, unsteady separated flows, vortex dynamics, and flow-structure interactions

Current Projects
• Collaborating with Bombardier on several projects related to aircraft noise and its mitigation, including aerodynamic and aeroacoustic investigations of landing gears, high lift devices, and resonating cavities experienced by exhaust ducts of various critical aircraft systems
• Collaborating with Safran Landing Gears on landing gear noise and its mitigation