Five U of T Engineering faculty receive Ontario Research Funding to advance transformative research

Anyone who lives under a flight path is familiar with the “whishing” and “whooshing” sounds of an aircraft flying above. Professor Philippe Lavoie (UTIAS) is developing technologies to contain this noise to just the immediate area around an airport. Lavoie’s… Read more »

WinTOR: New partnership will train self-driving cars to handle tough winter conditions

Around the world, companies are racing to create fully autonomous vehicles. But according to Professor Steven Waslander (UTIAS), there’s one scenario facing all competitors that hasn’t yet received as much attention as it deserves: winter. “Winter conditions aggravate the remaining challenges in… Read more »

Meet UTIAS PhD Grad to watch Behrad Vatankhahghadim

With the University’s virtual Convocation ceremony on June 23, 2021 U of T Engineering students mark the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Having enriched the U of T Engineering community as undergraduate and graduate students, they… Read more »

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Solar Sail diagram showing control systems developments
Solar Sail diagram showing control systems developments

Professor Chris Damaren

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control Lab

Research Focus

  1. Dynamics and control of spacecraft including orbital, attitude and structural motions of these systems
  2. Control system design for large structurally flexible robot manipulator systems

Current Projects

  1. Developing control systems for Solar Sails that use solar radiation pressure as a source of propulsion
  2. Applying previous research on attitude control using torques produced by Earth’s magnetic fields to structurally flexible spacecraft

Spacecraft Dynamics & Control Lab

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