U of T Engineering student pitches green hydrogen startup at international competition in Berlin

Ambrish Kumar (MSE MEng candidate) didn’t expect to win when he made his pitch for net-zero hydrogen production at the Falling Walls Lab Toronto this past August — but he did just that.   “I was working on Nanodes, the startup I co-founded with Rutvik […]

New machine learning algorithm aims to improve predictive models of complex dynamical systems

Researchers at the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) have made a significant step towards enabling reliable predictions of complex dynamical systems when there are many uncertainties in the available data or missing information. This work could have numerous applications […]

aUToronto team creates a supportive environment to build a winning autonomous vehicle

How does a group of U of T Engineering students build an autonomous vehicle that bests its competition year after year? For the aUToronto team, the secret to success is an inclusive and supportive environment. Since 2018, aUToronto, U of […]

Faculty Spotlight

Professor J. Kelly

Space and Terrestrial Autonomous Robotic Systems (STARS Lab)

Research Focus
• Creating robust autonomous systems that are able to operate independently over long durations in challenging environments on Earth and in Space
• Designing and developing collaborative robots (cobots) which are intended to operate in human-centred, shared workspaces

Current Projects
• Energy-aware traverse planning for planetary rovers
• Deep learning for accurate, long-term visual localization
• Collaborative mobile manipulation in dynamic, uncertain environments