UTAT division launches first satellite into space

On November 11, 2023, U of T Engineering students gathered in the basement of the Sandford Fleming Building — known to many as The Pit — to witness the deployment of HERON Mk. II into space.   The 3U CubeSat satellite, […]

Researchers partner with Siemens Energy to tackle sustainable energy production

U of T Engineering researchers have partnered with Siemens Energy to tackle a key challenge in the energy sector: sustainable energy conversion for propulsion and power generation – such as developing gas turbine engines that can run on sustainable energy […]

Reducing aviation’s CO2 emissions challenging but not impossible

For aviation, the path to reduced climate change impact and eventually net-zero carbon dioxide emissions is clear. We must replace fossil fuels with net-zero energy sources, and improve aircraft energy efficiency. The latter is essential given that future energy sources […]

Faculty Spotlight

Professor S.L. Waslander

Toronto Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (TRAILab)

Research Focus
• Simultaneous localization and mapping with dynamic camera clusters, and perception for autonomous driving
• Uncertainty estimation for deep neural networks using classical and learning approaches to improve perception

Current Projects
• Developing active vision techniques that allow robotic platforms to improve robustness through targeted sensor data acquisition
• Public road driving experiments of a fully functional autonomous vehicle for demonstrating state-of-the-art perception and planning methods in real-time on in-vehicle hardware