Podcast Interview: Flight and Our Environmental Footprint

Michael talks to Dr. David Zingg, Professor at and former Director of the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies about how planes contribute to our environmental footprint. Michael and Professor Zingg discuss the impact flight has on greenhouse gas… Read more »

Why autonomous vehicles won’t be taking over Ontario’s city streets in 2022

The drive to put autonomous vehicles on the market has sped up over the last decade but that doesn’t mean self-driving cars will be truly road-ready anytime soon. “We are way far from that level where a machine can drive… Read more »

The Future is Robotic: U of T Groundbreakers

Can tiny, worm-like robots revolutionize the way surgeons work? How will human-robot interactions be improved? Can AI and robotics create self-driving cars that make winter driving safer? These are just some of the questions that interdisciplinary teams of professors and… Read more »

Spotlight on...

UAV in flight for biological science investigation
A vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV in flight for biological science investigation

Professor Hugh Liu

Flight Systems & Control Laboratory

Research Focus

  1. To design innovative dynamics and control solutions to improve aerial systems performance
  2. To develop transformative flight technologies for better aviation

Current Projects

  1. Designing fault tolerant control techniques for flexible aircraft
  2. Designing a novel amphibian UAV for commercial and scientific missions, e.g. water assessment, wildfire monitoring
  3. Investigating formation flight of large number of UAVs 
  4. Studying swarming robotic drones in cooperative hunting

Flight Systems & Control

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