Certificate of Emphasis in Sustainable Aviation

Students in participating units who complete the required elements in the UTIAS programs in Sustainable Aviation will be recognized with a Certificate of Emphasis in Sustainable Aviation attesting to this focus of their studies. There are several requirements that must be satisfied to attain this recognition: AER1315: All students wishing to receive the Emphasis in Sustainable Aviation must take AER1315: Sustainable Aviation as a part of their course selection. Additional Courses: Doctoral stream (MASc/PhD) students must take at least 2 courses from the list of courses below plus AER1315; MEng students must take at least 4 courses from the list plus AER1315.

Eligible Courses

  • AER1315 Sustainable Aviation
  • AER1303 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • AER1304 Fundamentals of Combustion
  • AER1306 Special Topics in Reacting Flows (reading)
  • AER1308 Introduction to Modern Flow Control
  • AER1310 Turbulence Modelling
  • AER1316 Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • AER1318 Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • AER1319 Finite Volume Methods for CFD
  • AER1322 Modern Aerospace Propulsion
  • AER1403 Advanced Aerospace Structures
  • AER1418 Variational Methods for Partial Differential Equations
  • AER501 Computational Structural Mechanics and Design Optimization
  • AER510 Aerospace Propulsion
  • CIV1307 Lifecycle Assessment of Engineering Activities
  • PHY1498 Introduction to Atmospheric Physics
  • PHY2505 Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding
  • PHY2504 Atmospheric Dynamics
  • CHE1123 Liquid Biofuels
  • JCC1313 Environmental Microbiology

Research: Doctoral stream students must complete a thesis project in an area of relevance to sustainable aviation; topics will require approval of the Scientific Committee. While not a strict requirement, it is strongly advised that students wishing to acquire a strong knowledge of sustainable aviation also participate in the Summer School on Sustainable Aviation, the International Workshop on Aviation and Climate Change, the National Colloquium on Sustainable Aviation and the Student Research Symposium.

Please submit a summary of your research or potential thesis topic to Prof. D.W. Zingg, Director of the Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation.