Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation

The Centre for Research in Sustainable Aviation (CRSA) was established in January 2013 to address the need for scientists and engineers with the interdisciplinary skills required to develop future generations of environmentally sustainable aircraft.


The CRSA brings together technical specialists in key areas for designing airplanes: aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, aeroacoustics and control. To this team are added experts in atmospheric physics, biofuels, life cycle assessment and aviation policy. This generates a unique opportunity for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and teaching. The CRSA takes advantage of the technical and professional expertise within UTIAS, its partner institutions, and industry. Because of the necessary close cooperation between universities and industry, the CRSA also works directly with the largest employers for aeronautical engineers and researchers in Canada, Bombardier Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney Canada.


windtunnel inside

Aerospace companies are seeking employees who possess world-class technical abilities as well as critical non-technical skills, including communication abilities and project management capability. The UTIAS programs in Sustainable Aviation address these needs through strategic professional training opportunities including a Student Research Symposium and a Research Project Management Workshop, supplemented by industrial internships and practical experience in managing undergraduate interns. Students will have networking opportunities with regulatory, governmental and non-governmental organisation involvement in sustainable aviation through the International Workshop on Aviation and Climate Change.

In the UTIAS programs in Sustainable Aviation, students work in state-of-the art facilities with global leaders in their field, in fields that are in demand and projected to grow. Students will develop technical skills at the top Canadian aerospace department and will be prepared to contribute to future generations of environmentally friendly aircraft. The skills the students acquire are and will continue to be in exceptionally high demand.

Outside picture of UTIAS anchoic wind tunnel

The Certificate of Emphasis in Sustainable Aviation indicates that the graduating student has participated in activities related to sustainable aviation and has completed the relevant academic requirements.

Please visit the admissions page to learn about the application process. If you wish to participate in the UTIAS Sustainable Aviation programs, please indicate this in your statement of intent.


Funding provided by the industrial-stream NSERC CREATE Program