The collaborators associated with the industrial-stream NSERC CREATE Program in Environmentally Sustainable Aviation represent an outstanding group of experts from both industry and academe. They will play a critical role in the program via research collaborations and education of the program’s trainees through visits, seminars and lectures.

Juan J. Alonso (Stanford University) is the director of the Aerospace Design Laboratory in the Department of Aeronautics & Aerospace at Stanford University and was Director of the NASA Fundamental Aeronautics program from 2006-2008. He specialises in the development of high-fidelity computational design methodologies to enable the creation of realizable and efficient aerospace systems.

Lynnette M. Dray (University of Cambridge) works in the Aviation Integrated Modelling group in the Institute for Aviation and the Environment at Cambridge, where she investigates system-wide environmental impacts of biofuels in the context of emissions trading.

Benny B. Pang (Bombardier Aerospace) is Principal Engineering Specialist, Core Engineering at Bombardier and was the lead that made the creation of CAEWG and GARDN possible. He is currently the Technical Chair for GARDN and Co-Chair for CAEWG.

D. Ian A. Poll (Cranfield University) has 35 years of experience in both the academic and commercial domains. He is a European leader heavily involved in understanding the environmental effects of the air transport industry and sustainable solutions. In January 2010, he gave the highly prestigious Dryden Lectureship in Research at the 48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting on the topic of sustainable aviation.

Gray E. Taylor, LLP, is Partner at Bennett-Jones, where his practice focuses on climate change and related corporate issues affecting businesses in Canada and abroad. He brings a unique understanding of climate change transactional law.

Additional industrial collaborators include Ian I. Fejtek, (Manager Core Technical Engineering, BombardierAerospace), Stephen S. Colavincenzo (Chief, Acoustics and Vibration, Bombardier Aerospace) and John J. Hu (Chief, Combustion and Aero, Pratt & Whitney Canada).