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Aerospace Students' Association

Serving the Interests of All Graduate Students at UTIAS

How does one get involved with the ASA?

There are two ways to get involved.

As ASA Executives (Student Administration):
We encourage you to participate in the annual ASA elections every Fall to stand a chance to volunteer as ASA Executives (check the ‘Constitution’ tab on this website to learn in detail about roles and responsibilities). Details about the elections would be posted on this website and through email. If a position opens at any time during the year, the information about an opening would be communicated as well.

As General Members:
As general members you can actively participate in the events organized (and win prizes!) and contact the ASA general inquiries (check the ‘Contact’ tab on this website) or a particular ASA Executive (check the ‘Executive’ tab on this website) to provide feedback or ask any questions related to student life.

What kind of events does the ASA Host?

Popular social events include pub nights, movie nights, summer barbecues, sports days, trivia nights, pancake breakfasts, and LAN parties. Among other things, the athletics schedule consists of soccer, baseball, ultimate frisbee, and hockey, as well as annual camping and ski trips. Billiards, table tennis, foosball, and a selection of tabletop games are available for students’ enjoyment throughout the year, as well as a community garden in the summer months. The ASA also works with the faculty to provide professional development activities such as alumni networking, seminars, and workshops.

Are there membership/other fees for joining the ASA?

There are no fees to join the ASA. Every student at UTIAS is automatically deemed general members of the ASA, however the executive committee are elected to office.

How does the ASA Executive Committee represent me?

An Executive Committee member of the ASA volunteers to take the responsibility to engage with graduate students, the Institute, the Faculty, the University, and the broader community to understand, support, and advocate for the overall needs and interests of graduate students at UTIAS.

What are the other services offered?

Apart from hosting events, the ASA also guides students to resources/contacts within the larger U of T community and provides a platform for discussions that relate to housing, scholarships, courses etc.

How to get in touch with the ASA ?

Check the ‘Contact’ tab to send us inquiries and to check the links to our social platforms.