Professor Swetaprovo Chaudhuri (UTIAS) is a Member of the Ontario COVID-19 Modelling Consensus Table

Professor Swetaprovo Chaudhuri (UTIAS) has been invited to the Ontario COVID-19 Modelling Consensus Table to generate estimates around incidence, prevalence, and the spread of COVID-19 in Ontario and its impact on health and the health system. The Ontario COVID-19 Modelling Consensus Table acts as a sister advisory body to the Ontario Science Table.

Chaudhuri provides his expertise in fundamental flow physics concepts, droplet and jet aerodynamics, evaporation and related thermodynamics. He is the only Member of the Modelling Consensus Table with a non-public health background. Recently he modeled airborne disease transmission of COVID-19 by coupling fundamental flow physics concepts with respiratory droplet/aerosol thermodynamics and virus kinetics.

The Modelling Consensus Table’s objectives are to:

  • Offer best possible guidance to decision-makers and health system leaders about the dynamic and evolving state of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario including;
  • Leverage the latest knowledge and advances in techniques and data sources;
  • Rapidly fulfill related data needs from data partners across the health system;
  • Rapidly respond to a prioritized list of research questions that can support the current fight against COVID-19 in Ontario;
  • Leverage the collective analytic expertise of the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health, and Public Health Ontario, along with scholars and experts working on COVID-19 models.

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