Propulsion & Energy Conversion Laboratory


Professor Swetaprovo Chaudhuri

Professor Chaudhuri is an expert in turbulent reacting flows and propulsion and known for his original contributions on turbulent flame stabilization, propagation and structure using experiments, theory and computations. After his Bachelors from Jadavpur University (2006), he earned his PhD from University of Connecticut in 2010. He worked at Princeton University as a research staff (2010-13) and then at Indian Institute of Science, as an Assistant/Associate Professor. In 2019, he joined University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies as a tenured Associate Professor. Prof. Chaudhuri has authored/co-authored over hundred articles in top journals, conferences and books, and has been honored by ASME, UConn, INSA, IAS, UTIAS. He is an elected Associate Fellow of AIAA and a member of its Propellants and Combustion technical committee. He also served as a member of the Ontario Covid-19 Modeling Consensus Table.

Curriculum Vitae




Kartikeya Akojwar - PhD student Experiments and analysis in a self-decarbonizing combustor
Yazdan Naderzadeh - PhD student Flame stabilization and propagation in a fuel-flex combustor
Arnab Mukherjee

- PhD student

Aerosol dispersion and disease dynamics
Yuvraj - PhD student Enhancement of flame speeds of premixed flames in turbulence
Scott Watson - MASc student Hydrogen-air flame dynamics
Saifullah - PhD student DNS of hydrogen-air turbulent premixed flames
Matthew He - UG thesis student Microturbine component design and analysis
Akhil Ambardekar - UG research student Methane pyrolysis simulations

Post-doctoral research fellows

Dr. Amitesh Roy Contrail in a lab: experiments and microphysical modeling
Dr. Samadhan Pawar Thermoacoustic instability in swirling flames


Ankit Dutta PhD 2023 Thesis title: Investigating
instability mitigation through flame oscillator synchronization


Advanced Designer at Honeywell International Inc.


Gopakumar R. PhD 2020 Thesis title: Dynamics of actuated and interacting swirl premixed flames in model gas turbine combustors.

Post-Doc at Sandia National Laboratories


Prasenjit Kabi PhD 2020 Thesis title: Evaporation of Sessile Nanoparticle Laden Droplets.

Post-Doc at University College London


Himanshu Dave PhD 2019 Thesis title: Structure and Propagation of Premixed Flames in Turbulence.

Marie Curie Fellow at Université libre de Bruxelles


Harsha Uranakara PhD 2018 Thesis title: Flame Particle Tracking Analysis of Turbulence-Premixed Flame Interaction

Post-Doc at KAUST


Vishal Singh MSc 2021 Thesis title: Experiments in an Effervescent Atomizer.

Research Associate at IISc


Abinesh Mohan MSc 2018 Thesis title: Lagrangian Flame Element Analysis of Turbulence-Premixed Flame Interactions.

Engineer at Airbus


Mallikarjuna Tilak MSc 2019 Thesis title: Analysis of interacting swirling flows.

Engineer at Tata Advanced Systems