The International Conference on Aerospace System Science and Engineering


July 30 - August 1, 2019

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Last updated: 24-Jul-2019

1Design and Stress Analysis for Aircraft Structure Repair Beyond SpecificationChen Chen, Li Kang
4Control Parameters Design of Spacecraft Formation Flying via Modified Biogeography-Based OptimizationTianfu Chen, Dexin Zhang, Xiaowei Shao
6Comparison of Deconvolution Algorithms of Phased Microphone Array for Sound Source Localization in an Airframe Noise TestJiayu Wang, Wei Ma
9An Integrated Fault Detection and Exclusion Scheme to Support Aviation NavigationYawei Zhai, Xingqun Zhan, Jin Chang
10On ground test of an IMU/GNSS receiver for atmospheric re-entry vehicle applications Xiaoliang Wang, Shufan Wu, Deren Gong, Zhe Su
13New Model and Analytical Review of Approaches to Buckling Problem Investigation of Structurally-Anisotropic Aircraft Panels Made from Composite MaterialsL M Gavva
14Vibration suppression of large deployable space structures based on viscous damping Min Luo, Zhenghong Zhu, Qinghua Xu, Yaobin Wang, Wenbo Luo
16Analytical Solutions to a Rijke Tube System with Periodic Excitations Through a Semi-Analytical ApproachJianzhe Huang
17Comparison of the Legendre-Gauss Pseudospectral and the Hermite-Legendre-Gauss-Lobatto Methods for Low Thrust Spacecraft Trajectory OptimizationSanjeev Narayanaswamy, Christopher J. Damaren
18Concepts for morphing airfoil using novel auxetic latticesZeyao Chen, Xian Wu, Zhe Wang , and Jianwang Shao
19An Improved Deep Convolutional Neural Network to Predict Airfoil Lift CoefficientBoping Yu, Liang Xie, Fuxin Wang
20Transceiver Pseudolite Carrier Frequency Self-Alignment Closed-Loop SystemTong Wu, Xingqun Zhan, Xin Zhang
22Remote Sensing Image Change Detection and Location Based on Dynamic Level Set ModelYunkai Liu, Yuanxiang Li, Yongshuai Lu, Jiawei Liu
24Ultra-Rapid Direct Satellite-Selection Algorithm for Multi-GNSSCheng Chi, Xingqun Zhan, Tong Wu, Xin Zhang
25Arrangement Optimization of Phased Microphone Arrays Based on Deconvolution AlgorithmXuyang Wang, Wei Ma
26Analysis on GNSS MBOC Pilot and Data Signal Joint TrackingXue Wang, Zhenghong Zhu, Yao Guo, Xiaochun Lu
27Control strategy design for forced fly-around of spacecraft against the tumbling target based on differential geometric principleYuanhe Liu, Yangang Liang, Jianyong Zhou, Jiutian Li
28Virtual simulation experiment system for spacecraft orbital principle and its teaching applicationJiutian Li, Yangang Liang, Zheng Qin, Jianyong Zhou
31Optimization of the supersonic engine inletKoval Svetlana
32The evolution of wingtip vortex wandering – A stability analysis based on stereo PIV experimentSiyi Qiu, Yang Xiang, Hong Liu
33Revisited: Machine Intelligence in Heterogeneous Multi Agent SystemsKaustav Jyoti Borah, Rajashree Talukdar
36Spacecraft Attitude Maneuver Using Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control Based on Variable Exponential Reaching Law
Yuedong Wu, Shufan Wu, Deren Gong, Zeyu Kang, Xiaoliang Wang
37Recent research progress on fluid-thermal-structural coupling analysis in hypersonic flowsYingxuan Qin, Fang Chen, Hong Li
38Verification of GPS III and QZSS L1C Signal Joint Positioning Performance with Software Defined ReceiverXiang Huo, Xue Wang, Sen Wang, Xiaofei Chen, Jing Ke
39Stall Margin Enhancement of Aeroengine Compressor with a Novel Type of Alternately Swept BladesChao Fang, Yizhi Zhang, Yidan Li, Xiaohua Liu
40A Theoretical Model to Predict the Stall Inception of an Aeroengine Compressor with Micro Tip InjectionXiaohua Liu, Jinfang Teng, Jun Yang, Chao Fang
43A General Method for Dynamics Modeling of Flexible AircraftYishu Liu, Qifu Li, Bei Lu
44Leader-Follower Formation Control and Obstacle/Collision Avoidance with Dynamic ConstraintsShaoyang Mu, Pingfang Zhou
46The Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Crack Propagation in Inconel 718 Alloy at Different TemperaturesChi Duan, Xiuhua Chen
49Deorbiter CubeSat Mission Design Houman Hakima, M. Reza Emami
50Study on Impact Behavior of Composite Sandwich Structure with Different Interlayer AnglesYuyang Peng, Xiuhua Chen
52Unscented Kalman Filter Based Method for Spacecraft Navigation Using Resident Space ObjectsMatthew Driedger, Michael Rososhansky, Philip Ferguson
54Detumbling a Non-cooperative Target with Unknown Inertial Parameters using a Space Robot under Control Input Magnitude Constraint Rabindra Gangapersaud, Guangjun Liu, Anton H.J. de Ruiter
56Aerothermal Characteristics of Transonic Over-Tip Leakage Flow for Different Tip Geometries with Cooling InjectionMingxing Tang, Shaopeng Lu, Yunkai Liu, Jinfang Teng
57Combining Autoencoder with Similarity Measurement for Aircraft Engine Remaining Useful Life EstimationMengni Wang, Yuanxiang Li, Honghua Zhao, Yuxuan Zhang
58Effect of Nucleation and Icing Evolution on Run-back Freezing of Supercooled Water DropletMingming Sun, Weiliang Kong, Fuxin Wang, Hong Liu
61Modelling and Simulation of the Power Subsystem of a LEO satelliteVarsha Parthasarathy, Dr. Philip Ferguson
68Influence of non-uniform inlet velocity and non-uniform temperature distribution on turbine bladeXiuhe Zhang, Fang Chen
70Analysis of Elevation-dependent Pseudo-range Variation Characteristics for GPS III New Signal in-orbit Testing Phase based on Measurements with a High Gain AntennaHuihui Shi, Xiaochun Lu, Xue Wang, Yongnan Rao, Meng Wang
71Fusion Object Detection with convolutional neural networkYing Ya, Han Pan, Zhongliang Jing, Xuanguang Ren, Lingfeng Chao
74Real-Time Integrity Monitoring for Civil Aviation with Improved Navigation PerformanceJin Chang, Xingqun Zhan, Yawei Zhai
76Acoustic Fatigue Research for Honeycomb Sandwich Structure with Impact Damage Based on Vibro-Acoustic Coupling AnalysisRuowei Li, Haitao Zhao, Mingqing Yuan, Ji’an Chen
77Unsupervised satellite image classification based on partial transfer learningJian Hu, Hongya Tuo, Chao Wang, Haowen Zhong, Han Pan, Zhongliang Jing
78Positioning and Timing Test Campaign Based on Chinese Area Positioning System(CAPS)Yang Zhang, Yu Su, Wenfang Jing, Xiaochun Lu
80Real-Time Trajectory Generation for a Swarm of Quad-rotor UAVs using Custom SolverMin Prasad Adhikari, Anton H. J. de Ruiter
81Data Augmented Design of Turbulence ModelingYizhi Zhang, Weipeng Li
85Robust Orbital Boost Maneuver of Spacecraft by Electrodynamic TethersJinyu Liu, Gangqiang Li, Zhenghong Zhu, Xingqun Zhan
87Dynamics of Partial Space Elevator with Parallel Tethers and Multiple ClimbersGangqiang Li, Zhenghong Zhu
88Spacecraft anomaly detection via transformer reconstruction errorHengyu Meng, Yuxuan Zhang, Yuanxiang Li, Honghua Zhao
90Development of Ryerson’s First Hyperloop Pod for systems using a modular approachMohammed M. Khan
91Dynamics and stabilization of flexible spacecraft structures with magnetic coil-pair actuatorsBryan Pawlina, Christopher J. Damaren
99Altitude Ignition by Reducing IDT at Low Pressure with AdditiveZhijia Chen, Xiaobin Huang, Hong Liu
106Space Vehicle Orbital Determination Performance Analysis Considering GNSS Side Lobe SignalsXiaoya Liu, Xingqun Zhan, Jihong Huang, Cheng Chi
106-1Improving the cooling air supply system for the HPT blades of high-temperature GTEAndrey Minchenko, Valeriy Nesterenko, Ivan Malinovsky, Revanth Reddy A.
107Real-Time Trajectory Generation Trading-Off Control Effort and Flight Time for Hovering VehiclesWeihong Yuan, Luis Rodrigues
111Investigation into the Wear Process of Laser Cladding from TiC Multilayer Coating for GTE Shrouded Blade PlatformsPavel Kleimenov, Leonid Lesnevskiy, Maxim Lyakhovetsky, Alexey Ionov, Evgeny Marchukov
116Fault isolation of reaction wheels onboard 3-axis controlled in-orbit satellite using ensemble machine learning techniquesAfshin Rahimi, Atilla Saadat